3 in 1 Soccer Trainer Goal (+ FREE Soccer Referee USA Coin)

3 in 1 Soccer Trainer Goal (+ FREE Soccer Referee USA Coin)

3 in 1 Soccer Trainer GoalProduct Introduction

In the game of soccer or football, the player needs to practice his shooting skills and more specifically targeted shooting skills. The player can achieve it easily under the guidance and training by a professional coach. However, in case the player is unable to receive this training and guidance, then one can easily achieve it with the help of a trainer goal. “Mitre” brings an efficient and result oriented rebounder called 3 in 1 soccer trainer goal.

3 in 1 soccer trainer goal is a complete training package and equipment that imbibes and provides the best training to the player. It is one of the best rebounders. The package comprises of a soccer goal, soccer rebounder and soccer target -all in one. Soccer goal and soccer target helps the player to exercise his target oriented shooting skills which can bring the best of him. The rebounder proves to be of great help in the absence of a partner to practice the game. Manufactured and marketed by “Mitre”, this 3 in one soccer trainer goal is just the product which gives goal oriented targeted grounding.

Product Details

The product is a satisfactory 3 in 1 package. Mitre Rebounder is an efficient and ideal rebounder that fits best for training and practicing sessions. Measuring at 6’ in length, 3’ in diameter and 4’ in height, it provides an ideal size for the routine practice. And if some Mitre 3-in-1 Soccer Goal and Trainer adjustments are to be done then the product gives user a scope for the same. Its highly sophisticated adjustment system give room for all adjustments required. The good grade of the material of the adjustment causes no wear and tear even after multiple adjustments. This product is made of heavy-duty weather resistant 1.25″ powder coated 6’x4′ frame and has an easy push button assembly. This allows the assembly to stand same in all weathers making it robust and tough. Easy push button allows an effortless assembly of the product as and when required. It is a 3 in 1 product. It gives you soccer goal, soccer rebounder and soccer target all in one single assembly. Amazingly designed and manufactured this product takes care of all the needs of a young soccer player. Practicing shoots and target oriented ball placement becomes easier with this 3 in 1 soccer trainer goal. The assembly of such “all in one“ products is quite difficult at times but this product brought by Mitre has self hanging loops making its assembly easier and less complicated. The net and stakes are all weather resistant because of the first rate material used.


3 in 1 Soccer Rebounder Trainer

  • Compiled and compact – Soccer goal, soccer target and soccer rebounder are all found in one. Thus the product gives you multiple benefits in a single assembly
  • Brand value – Mitre has been working since 1817 serving the world with the best of their products.
  • Dependability and solidity – the brand name and fame have won dependency and credence for the product.
  • Easy to use and assemble – Assembling the set up requires no rocket science. It is an easy exercise and not very time consuming.
  • Durable – the matter used for the making of the product makes it sturdy and long lasting. Therefore it can be considered as a onetime investment and the rest is all set.
  • Easy-peasy adjustments – The adjustment of the assembly is plain sailing. Hence it can be accommodated as per the user’s requirements.
  • Transportable – 3 in 1 soccer trainer goal is conveyable. It can be easily moved from one place to another and refixed according to the user’s convenience.


The product has no scope of disadvantage.


3 in 1 soccer trainer goal can be said to be very utilitarian for the young soccer players. The customers’ reviews suggest the product to be a good buy. Now, one can easily get rebounders by purchasing them from e-commerce websites.


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