Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer – 7′ x 5′

Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer – 7′ x 5′

Goalrilla Rebound Striker TrainerProduct Introduction

Soccer rebounders are important for those players who prefer practicing alone. Rebounders look similar to goal nets in appearance. However, rebounders have the special quality of returning the ball to the players. Hence, they become a partner for the player during the practice sessions. It is necessary to buy the right type of soccer rebounder. The shape and size of the rebounder are two important traits to look for. Smaller rebounders allow the players to focus on the target. This makes it easy for the players while playing the actual game. While smaller one is good for one player, large ones allow more than one players to practice at the same time. With the right rebounder, soccer players are not required to chase the balls when they miss the target. Small soccer rebounders are available in multiple shapes. However, the larger ones are in standard rectangular. When the soccer rebounder has an upward tilt, it helps the players practice airborne ball, an important skill for the game. Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer is one of the best rebounders for the soccer players.

Product Details

Goalrilla Striker Rebound TrainerAvailable in black color, Goalrilla Rebounder weighs 71 pounds. The dimensions of the product are 53.5 x 17.5 x 6 inches, ideal for more than one player for a practice session. With this rebounder, soccer players can get all the reps that they require for off-season or even between the practices. The Rebounder features a double-sided net to allow the best training session at any time. Constructed from steel tubing measuring 1.5mm, the rebounder is powder coated that resists scratching. The 0.25 bungee in the Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer returns the soccer ball. This way, players can invest more time in practicing with the ball rather than chasing it around the field. Weighing just 74 lbs, this is one of the best rebounders in the market. It is easy to transport and carry on the field. Goalrilla is a well-known brand that redefined training sessions. The brand offers the toughest systems. The construction of the system is welded instead of fitted with screws or bolts. They are tempered with glass backboard with strong anchor systems. Powder coated finishes come with corrosion resistant hardware of zinc to make the product highly durable. Goalrilla is known for exceptional durability, unrivaled playability and unmatched quality.


Goalrilla 7' x 5' Dual-Rebound Striker TrainerGoalrilla striker rebound trainer comes with double sided net that allows any time training. It is an ideal accessory for training, both for single person and multiple players in a team. The 0.25-inch bungee, powder coated finish and 1.5mm steel tubing is the highlights of the rebounder. It instantly returns the ball and eliminates the gap between throws, thereby decreasing frustration. It is just 74 lbs in weight, so easy to transport and carry. The dimensions of the product are 85.5L x 31.5W x 61.5H inches. The 3-inch square nylon rebound is necessary. The assembled dimensions are 63.375 inches in length, 35.625 inches in width and 63.5 inches in height. The rebounder comes with solid woven polypropylene side nets with a reinforced border. Steel hardware of the product is zinc plated for lasting durability.


There are no disadvantages or shortcomings of the product. It is designed carefully keeping the requirements of players in mind. All the necessary features are incorporated in Goalrilla Rebounder to make practice sessions interesting and less frustrating.


Get rebounder from Goalrilla to make a mark in the field of soccer. It is one of the best products available and it needs to be there on the list of the soccer players who need to make it big in the game.


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