Kap7 Rebounder

Kap7 Rebounder

Kap7 RebounderProduct Introduction

Water sports are becoming popular day by day. Swimming, water polo and water races are the different kinds of water sports. People are getting interested to look and learn the water sports activity. With these, the concept of Aqua workout is picking up a trend. No doubt, the chances of learning a skill, body exercises and the fun element- all three are included in one fine sport. Most people yearn for such pass time. Let us know more about this sport and its supporting equipment. When the concept of Water Sports is talked about, Kap7 International Rebounder comes into picture. This International Rebounder is one important accessory or rebounder that helps in practicing and playing water polo. Water polo generally requires passing and bouncing of water polo balls. This type of rebounder can be used inside or outside the pool to play and practice the sport.

Product Details

Kap7: Water Polo Ball RebounderThe Kap7 International Rebounder is available in the size of 33×33 inches and is strong enough with 24 lbs. of weight. This heavy duty International rebounder has the supporting pegs on both of its sides. Available in attractive colors, this rebounder has a solid construction that is enough to handle substantial strikes. These types of best rebounders are finely used to develop the ball passing and catching practice by kids as well as the adults. Especially when the player has only the singles option, this rebounder helps improve upon the accuracy of passing in water polo. This rebounder is appropriately designed to bounce back the ball to you accurately. The Kap7 International Rebounder can also be adjusted into four different angles. This condense sized rebounder is most apt for the pools inside the home or as a backyard accessory for recreation.


The International Rebounder mentioned herein is one of the interesting Water polo accessories. Used for water polo practice, this rebounder is heavily constructed effortlessly with the water polo rebounding technique. This user friendly object can be used by the kids to play while they have no company and by adults while they wish to have a rejoicing yet rigorous work out. The International Rebounder perfects the ball handling and strength characteristic of players, thereby making them enjoy what they hate to learn. The repetitive feature of ball bouncing brings the water polo skills of the player to utmost perfection.

Kap7 Rebounder Water Polo AccessoriesApart from the above stated advantages, it is really easy and convenient to install as well as place the Kap7 International rebounder. This rebounder can be folded into a small piece when it is not in use. It also requires less space and therefore can be stored without much hassle. Its compact size allows its transportation without much effort.

Because of its affordable price and compressed nature, many of the Kap7 International Rebounders can be fitted into one place, thereby enabling a coaching academy or a team to develop a training center for the players to practice and boost their water polo skills. One can easily get rebounder online or on retail outlets.


Kap7 International Rebounder is a much sought after water polo sports equipment, as it enables the player to practice and learn the bouncing of ball smoothly. But, like any other tool, this too has a disadvantage for more advanced players.

Along with basic bouncing practice, this rebounder could be better if it would allow angle settings in a steeper mode. This is because such an option is preferred in the circumstance of dry landing. Apart from that, it is a perfect practice source for water polo.


Water polo is a unique and enthusing sports activity. Kap7 International rebounder is an exhilarating apparatus that can be used to improve and develop the polo skills of the players. The International rebounder is thus, a good option of water work out within or outside the water body and should be used more frequently to learn or teach such type of sports.


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