Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder

Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder

Kwik Goal Afr-1 RebounderProduct Introduction

A sound quality Goal Rebounder ensures a better game of soccer. Kwik Goal is one brand that pays necessary heed to this matter. It is the largest developer of soccer goals and soccer equipments in North America. Founded in 1981, Kwik Goal manufactures equipments such as soccer goals, flat faced training goals, pop-up soccer goals, anchors, benches, nets, net attachment, bench shields, speed and agility equipment, soccer balls, goal rebounder, corner flags, referee uniforms, backstops, cones and football uprights. It holds the honor of being the official supplier to US Soccer, NSCAA and Canadian Soccer Association. Goal rebounder from Kwik Goal is a celebrated product used for playing soccer.

Product Details

Soccer Training Device: Kwik Goal Afr-1Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder is a portable device used for soccer training. It is designed using 1.75” aluminum of round shape and is powder coated in white. The package of Kwik Goal Rebounder comprises of black HTPP net of 5mm, bungee net fasteners, steel ground shoes, rubber bands (including knobs) and move-able target. It measures at 7” in height and 14” in width. It weighs at 51 lbs. This rebounder comes with a durable 1 3/4″ aluminum tubing frame. It is available on various websites online at a price between $350 and $ 420. Additionally it also includes a lifetime warranty for the benefit of the buyer.


One should definitely get rebounder if the target is to improve one’s ball skills. The Kwik Goal Rebounder is one of the best rebounders that assist in improving passing and shooting skills for a game like soccer or basket ball. It is designed in such a way that the user gets to kick the ball hard against the rebounder. It is completely portable and easy to set up. So even amateurs can get on the field, arrange the rebounder and begin practicing the game. Kwik Goal RebounderMoreover the rebounder also allows the player to work on receiving the ball back in a better way once it gets released from the rebounder. The strong and durable 4mm black HTPP net handles makes it possible to kick the ball against the rebounder without having to stretch over time. Overall the users recommend Kwik Goal Rebounder as it perfectly helps one become more accurate at their gaming skills. Some of the users state that the training device succeeds in improving practice sessions for rebounding shots up to 75 ft. Due to its features of high strength and increased sturdiness, this goal rebounder works for a longer time frame. Even the spikes of the rebounder are well-coated to prevent any damage caused due to rust.


The Kwik Goal Rebounder is an amazing product so carefully designed that they hardly leave any room for criticism and complaints. Most of the users have given a positive and encouraging feedback for the features of the training device.


The Kwik Goal Rebounder is a brilliant soccer training device. With careful planning and execution, Kwik Goal has been able to bring to surface a training aid that helps in ball, passing and shooting skills of a player. This well made rebounder comes with a handy guide that allows the user to assemble the product in a matter of few minutes. Initially one may have slight difficulty in arranging the net. But with a second and third time, the problem gets resolved. All those people (whether children or adult, amateurs or professionals) who desire to get a strong and durable device for practicing and improving their gaming skills, can consider Kwik Goal’s rebounder to be the magic wand. This magical rebounder is a standard training device that comes at an affordable rate. Kwik Goal exceptionally extends its support in terms of customer service for all its users. If a user is looking for a no-nonsense and durable soccer training device, he or she should check Kwik Goals’ rebounder available on most of the online stores.


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