Kwik Goal Back Rebounder

Kwik Goal Back Rebounder

Kwik Goal Back RebounderProduct Introduction

Soccer is an intriguing game involving players to hone passing, shooting, ball and response skills. What could be better than a smart Back Rebounder from Kwik Goal? Indeed Kwik Goal’s back rebounder comes with possibly 8 rebounding angles for effective training. Kwik Goal is known to be the biggest developer of soccer goals and equipments in North America. Besides the goal rebounder, it is known for providing sporting goods such as football uprights, soccer goals, field hockey cages, pop-up soccer goals, lacrosse goals; flat faced training goals anchors, benches, rugby uprights, speed and agility equipments, bench shields, nets and net attachments. The esteemed Kwik Goal also is labeled as the official supplier to NSCAA, US Soccer and Canadian Soccer Association. The back rebounder from Kwik Goal is touted to be one of the most durable and sturdy training items.

Product Details

Kwik Back RebounderKwik Goal back rebounder is a smart training aid devised for everyone who is learning or playing soccer. With the specifications of 49x16x9 inches, the total weight of the product is 22 pounds. Though during shopping, its weight may increase to 23.2 pounds. The product costs about $250 at the online stores with zero shipping charge. The aluminum frame of this rebounder follows the measurements of 5’4” (height) and 4’ (width). Since the manufacturers have included white powder coating, there are hardly any chances of rust or corrosion. The product tends to run for longer time duration. The package of Kwik Goal’s back rebounder also features Net ‘U’ anchors as well as bungee net fasteners. The rebounder includes 2-mm, 1.5-in netting too.


Kwik Goal RebounderThe Kwik Goal back rebounder is one of the best rebounders available. Unlike its counterparts, it offers 8 possible rebounding angles allowing the user to seek maximum training for improvement of receiving as well as passing skills. For someone who has already been into soccer, may reap the maximum benefits out of the rebounder especially when combined with the larger Kwik net or rebounder. With the use of this rebounder one can enhance his or her reflexes and ball control to quite an extent. As a standard brand, Kwik Goal also offers a lifetime warranty on the back rebounder to its buyers. If the focus is to improve receiving and returning skills, one should definitely get rebounders. One will tend to get the best results if the rebounder is used on natural surfaces.


The Kwik Goal back rebounder is a strategically designed soccer training device. While it has received great appreciation for its design and functionality, some of the users have few complaints. According to them a beginner or player at the basic level of the sport may not be able to follow the highly professional rebounder. Without a proper training an individual may find difficulty using it.


Kwik Goal’s back rebounder is a beautiful soccer training aid that gives more than what is asked for especially to the professionals. It is lightweight, strong, sturdy and durable. Probably this is why it runs for a long period of time. Going by the public reviews, it is extremely easy to assemble, use, maintain, dissemble and carry. Professionals and several coaches term this to be the best rebounders since it gives the much needed training to the skilled players. It may on few instances be difficult or naive for beginners to follow the instructions. They can get the necessary goalie training before using the rebounder. If there are soccer players in the family, do not think twice. Go online, purchase Kwik Goal’s back rebounder and gift it to your near and dear ones. They will be more than glad for this excellent present.


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