Top Brands present in this segment:

Top Brands present in this segment:

Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder (6-Feet by 4-Feet)-h1. Franklin Rebounder: Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder lets players hone their shooting skills with ease and simplicity. With such a great equipment, players need not bring a number of soccer balls to the field. Just one is enough to take care of the skill development. This adjustable soccer Rebounder from the brand Franklin measures 6 feet in width, 4 feet in height and 3 feet in depth. Franklin rebounder is very well designed by the experts after much research. It comes with a heavy duty frame composed of steel tube measuring 1.25 inches. The highlights of the frame are the precision fit locking pins. With the soccer rebounder, it becomes easy for the player to pick the target. This becomes possible due to the color target zone that is in contrasting colors. The target zone is placed in the centre. The netting is 4 by 4 inch and is designed for all weather. Franklin soccer rebounder is recommended ideally for training. It comes with four ground stakes that are galvanized. It measures 44 x 11 x 3 inches and weighs 19 pounds.

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (Soccer Basketball Lacrosse Baseball)-h2. Tekk Rebounder: Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal is the strongest trainer that is also the largest one in the market at present. It covers 40 square feet of the surface area, which is enough to allow multiple soccer players to practice the game as a team. The angle of the Rebounder from Tekk can be adjusted to as many as seven positions. It offers all round training to the players for different positions. It is designed in a specific format so that it can be set up in just five minutes. It even allows practice sessions for lacrosse, baseball and basketball along with soccer. Players can easily master their hand positions, body shape as well as catching. It features crossbars that can withstand 125lbs of load. It is a portable trainer that can fold up easily for the purpose of storage. Weighing just 35 lbs, it can be transported easily. Tekk Rebounder is composed of aircraft grade aluminum along with thick steel brackets of 3mm. it is built to stand the test of time. The folded dimensions of the product are 60 inch in length, 10 inch in width and 4 inch in height while the set up dimensions are 5 feet in height, 8 feet in width and 4 feet in depth.

Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer - 7 x 5-h3. Goalrilla Rebounder: Available in black color, Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer weighs 71 pounds. The dimensions of the product are 53.5 x 17.5 x 6 inches, ideal for more than one player for the practice session. With this rebounder, soccer players can get all the reps that they require for off-season or even between the practices. The Rebounder features a double sided net to allow the best training session at any time. Constructed from steel tubing measuring 1.5mm, the rebounder is powder coated that resists scratching. The 0.25 bungee in the Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer returns the soccer ball. This way, players can invest more time in practicing with the ball rather than chasing it around the field. Weighing just 74 lbs, this is one of the best rebounders in the market. It is easy to transport and carry on the field. Goalrilla is a well known brand that redefined training sessions. The brand offers toughest systems. The construction of the system is welded instead of fitted with screws or bolts. They are tempered with glass backboard with strong anchor systems. Powder coated finishes come with corrosion resistant hardware of zinc to make the product highly durable. Goalrilla is known for exceptional durability, unrivaled playability and unmatched quality.

Kwik Goal AFR-2 Rebounder-h4. Kwik Goal Rebounder: A professional soccer Rebounder in appearance, Kwik Goal AFR 2 Rebounder is 1.5 inch featuring aluminum tubes. The powder coated white frame comes with bungee net fasteners so that soccer ball is returned as soon as possible. The package includes 3mm HTPP Net along with ground shoes made of steel and moveable target. The product is black in color and does not look dirty easily. Kwik Goal Rebounder is 31 lbs per goal. The dimensions of Kwik Goal AFR 2 Rebounder are 66 x 14 x 3 inches and weighs 28 pounds. It features a frame of the traditional goal for soccer. However, the net is designed to return the ball back to the player without him or her taking extra efforts. Soccer rebounders from Kwik Goal allow players to practice their shooting skills along with placement, speed as well as accuracy. The soccer rebounder is available in different shapes. This one by Kwik Goal is ideal in size and allows soccer players to practice alone or in teams. It is affordable and lasts for long period. It is a great tool for soccer players of all skill levels.

Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder-h5. Kwik Goal Rebounder: Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder is a portable device used for soccer training. It is designed using 1.75” aluminium of round shape and is powder coated in white. The package of Kwik Goal Rebounder comprises of black HTPP net of 5mm, bungee net fasteners, steel ground shoes, rubber bands (including knobs) and move-able target. It measures at 7” in height and 14” in width. It weighs at 51 lbs. This rebounder comes with a durable 1 3/4″ aluminum tubing frame. It is available on various websites online at a price between $350 and $ 420. Additionally it also includes a lifetime warranty for the benefit of the buyer.Overall the users recommend Kwik Goal Rebounder as it perfectly helps one become more accurate at their gaming skills. Some of the users state that the training device succeeds in improving practice sessions for rebounding shots up to 75 ft. Due to its features of high strength and increased sturdiness, this goal rebounder works for a longer time frame. Even the spikes of the rebounder are well-coated to prevent any damage caused due to rust.

Kwik Goal Back Rebounder-h6. Kwik Goal Rebounder: Kwik Goal back rebounder is a smart training aid devised for everyone who is learning or playing soccer. With the specifications of 49x16x9 inches, the total weight of the product is 22 pounds. Though during shopping, its weight may increase to 23.2 pounds. The product costs about $250 at the online stores with zero shipping charge. The aluminium frame of this rebounder follows the measurements of 5’4” (height) and 4’ (width). Since the manufacturers have included white powder coating, there are hardly any chances of rust or corrosion. The product tends to run for longer time duration. The package of Kwik Goal’s back rebounder also features Net ‘U’ anchors as well as bungee net fasteners. The rebounder includes 2-mm, 1.5-in netting too.

Champro Adjustable Soccer Rebounder (White Medium)-h7. Champro Rebounder: The net of the rebounder plays a vital role in determining the degree of bounce of the ball. As a result the net essentially has to be of good quality. Also the structure of the assembly should be resistant to rust and withering. Champro adjustable soccer rebounder is built using the best grade net which can withstand all weathers. The structure is built of powder coated heavy duty steel tubing making it robust and sturdy. Champro adjustable soccer rebounder is portable and easy to transport. High quality adjustment system makes it easily adjustable according to the user’s requirement. This 6’*4’ sized rebounder is adjustable in centre target zone. The centre target zone prompts the player for targeted shooting ameliorating their skills. Its easily adjustable angles provide users variety of ball return options ranging from 45 to 90 degrees! The rebounder involves 4 galvanized ground stakes which provide its stability on standing. The adjustment is quite friendly to users. White color of the soccer rebounder makes it targetable with any background. It adds to its clarity in vision even from a long distance. The players thus can even practice their long shoots.

3 in 1 Soccer Trainer Goal (+ FREE Soccer Referee USA Coin)-h8. 3 in 1 Soccer Trainer Goal: 3 in 1 Soccer Trainer Goal is an efficient and ideal rebounder that fits best for training and practicing sessions. Measuring at 6’ in length, 3’ in diameter and 4’ in height, it provides an ideal size for a routine practice. And if some adjustments are to be done then the product gives user a scope for the same. Its highly sophisticated adjustment system give room for all adjustments required. The good grade of the material of the adjustment causes no wear and tear even after multiple adjustments. This product is made of heavy-duty weather resistant 1.25″ powder coated 6’x4′ frame and has an easy push button assembly. This allows the assembly to stand same in all weathers making it robust and tough. Easy push button allows an effortless assembly of the product as and when required. Practicing shoots and target oriented ball placement becomes easier with this 3 in 1 soccer trainer goal. The assembly of such “all in one“ products is quite difficult at times but this product brought by Mitre has self hanging loops making its assembly easier and less complicated. The net and stakes are all weather resistant because of the first rate material used.

Victory Soccer Rebounder-h9. Victory Soccer rebounder: It is important to look for major features while choosing rebounders. People can easily get rebounders online or at retail outlets. The Victory Soccer rebounder is a portable rebounder that acts as a full time soccer trainer on installation. It comes into a tote carry bag which can be installed at any convenient place where soccer can be played. The ABS hooks into it. It can be hooked into the pole to install the rebounder. The weight of this rebounder is less than 15 lbs. Thus this light Soccer accessory turns out to be a full-fledged soccer coach. The Victory Soccer Rebounder has the movable target points that can be used to improve the accuracy while playing and practicing the sport. Hence the Soccer Rebounder is the best option for developing the soccer skills to the point of perfection.

Kap7 Rebounder-h10. Kap7 International Rebounder: The Kap7 International Rebounder is available in the size of 33×33 inches and is strong enough with the 24 lbs. of weight. This heavy duty International rebounder has the supporting pegs on both the sides. Available in attractive colors, this rebounder has a solid construction that is enough to handle substantial strikes. This type of best rebounder is finely used to develop the ball passing and catching practice by kids as well as adults. Especially when the player has only the singles option, this rebounder helps improve upon their accuracy of passing the water polo. This rebounder is appropriately designed to bounce back the ball to you accurately. The Kap7 International Rebounder can also be adjusted into four different angles. This condense sized rebounder is most apt for the pools inside the home or as a backyard accessory for recreation.

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